MEN Not being LOYAL?

"Where does men's loyalty stand, they are never loyal to their GF"

"Why isn’t every man loyal to their partner?"

These are the questions which I normally hear from the Homosapiens called WOMEN

Well, to be honest, I sometimes get annoyed and sometimes a bit angry or mad (well, not exactly).  Why you might ask, it’s the simple fact that this question has no basis at all.

So, I might return the question like the above with answers such as "Are you MAD?"

It’s not that guys find it hard to devote their life or being faithful to a woman, but he doesn’t have any obligations to do so.

(At this point of time, girls and women might freak or snap with this statement, but it’s my opinion, do read on for more info)

Again, WHY some might ask,

Well, the writer here will simply reply that the utmost faith and loyalty is only for the Creator of this world and not for women.  So, if wanted to devote my life, it’s better for me to put it to the one and ONLY Creator.  And with Him, I will earn more benefit than devoting my life to a girl or women.

(Hohoho, and now some might be thinking that I’m trying to show that I’m pious or what so ever, this is just my opinion anyways)

So, for girls, rather than asking a guy to be loyal, why not ask or even better if you can teach, yes I really mean TEACH, boy to be honest as that is better.

Sometimes guys can be idiots where it is hard for them to understand girls, but this statement is also true for the other party (girls).

So, teach them to be hones to you and Loyal to the Creator.  This is because, the Creator is All Knowing and you or anyone can’t lie to Him.  But it I were to lie to you or any girl or even a male, well, the fact remains that these other people will never know if I or if anyone who knows this lie lets the lie out.

AND that my friend, is what relationship between humans should be. BUILD ON TRUST.

I'm tired, bored, jaded of being loyal, and that honest from the bottom of my heart (until the top if someone might argue I still have space to not be honest)

You want me to be loyal and to live my life only for you, and want me to say stuff like "I’ll live and die for you"

But next year or some other where shit happens (sorry for the language) and I leave you or you leave me, can I or you say that the whole male/female society is at fault?

You say guys don’t understand girls, but do girls also understand guys?

Girl, when a guy loves you, forever or not is not for you to bother about, we can’t change and know the future, but you should understand it, and make him understand that you love him to.

I know girls love guys in a different way that guys love girls and differently that how guys understand how girls love them, but trust and honesty is the most essential thing in understanding each other, not loyalty.

You are wounded because of love, and I have gone through the same.  But it’s not fair for you to put the blame on all guys in the world.

Hey, I was also hurt, but I didn’t say all girls are to be punished for that or it’s purely their fault.  My mom's a girl to you know.

So, coax me to be honest to you and don’t force me to tell you everything and don’t tell me to say I’ll always be loyal to you as again, we can’t know the future.

Men love women (or maybe I love you) for the fact that women are warm-hearted and compassionate. Use that strength to your advantage upon the guys, and they might love you more.

You sigh every moment saying that you did not get what is just for you when you put your loyalty on men.  But what about the men's side? He might be thinking about something similar when he puts his trust and honest with you.

Remember, good things and bad things happen in this world.  Guys are not the ones who put these all upon you, but the God All Mighty did give you all your good and tests in life.

A heart that is trustworthy and sincere, that’s a treasure, and with it comes trials. And keeping it is the true test.

We will try to make sure that you will always love us as we do in loving you.

Do love us the way we are, understand us, and care for us, as that is what we are trying portray towards you.

If anything happens, we still have our parents, friends and God to lean back to, your partner is just another person in life.

Don’t put your life utterly to him.

Hurm... ngarut dah aku di petang petang neyh... dah dah... cukup mengarut.

Live life to the fullest.  Enjoy and fill your life with love, smile and warmth.